Project Management

One of the priority directions of the company “NGG group” is execution and supervision of construction projects- Project Management.

In support of the project “NGG group” forms a team of professionals to implement the project, taking into account our own experience in project management.

The team of “NGG group” consists professional experts with experience and interaction with investors, customers, general contractors, and contractors.

Employees of the company specialize in the financial, legal, technical and organizational directions of projects, and have the appropriate qualifications and experience in large international projects.

NGG group’s project manager’s aims:

– Technical support of construction – monitoring the progress of construction and timely adjustment of the project due to new conditions.

– Surveying – during project preparation, and in every phase of construction and installation works through out the project.

– Monitoring the progress of construction and managing planned investments.

– Control over the exact technical execution of the project, construction schedule, quality of materials and the quality of construction and installation works.

– Minimization of cases of: deviations from the construction deadlines (time schedule) and thus increasing the financial costs of the project.


Fields of competence of NGG group employees:

  1. Design
    • Concrete structures
    • Steel structures
    • Timber structures
    • Fiber glass structure
  2. Residential and Industrial Buildings
    • Building construction supervision
    • Building construction and field operation management
  3.  Bridges
    • Bridge designing
    • Bridge construction and field operation management
    • Bridge construction supervision
    • Road and highway construction and field operation management
    • Road and highway construction supervision
  4.  Railway
    • Railway construction and field operation management
    • Railway construction supervision
    • Railway hydro-technical structure designing
    • Railway hydro-technical structure construction and field operation management
    • Railway hydro-technical structure construction supervision
    • SCB and microprocessor system construction and field operation management