The global awareness of the impact of energy and materials consumption is immensely rising. This is being reflected in the decision making or purchasing behaviour in our markets. Our stakeholders are demanding assurance for clean indoor and outdoor environment.

NGG group places a major emphasis on sustainable business management and integrates it in responsible operations. Global compliance with sustainability standards and codes is as much a part of the company’s main responsibilities as sustainable practice for futureproof activities and operations.

Sustainable design will become a major part of our future as the world around us continues to grow and develop thus smart and sustainable resource use becomes even more vital. Business as usual can’t continue and NGG group envisions itself to be a part of sustainable business frontrunners.



  • LCA and Footprinting assessment for construction products.
  • Support with sustainable solutions for projects.
  • Support in LEED and BREEAM civil engineering projects.
  • Support in creating sustainable supply chain.
  • Green infrastructure.
  • Sustainable solutions for district energy (hot and cold) and water distribution.